Early Education Initiative

The importance of a child’s early years of development cannot be overstated.  While science has proven that these first few years shape the ability of the child to progress and excel, many financially impoverished children and their families do not have access to the information, tools, and high-quality that support them reaching their full potential.  To this end, Urban Strategies has been engaged in Early Child Development  (ECD) throughout the country since 2005.  We have provided technical assistance and training for both private and publicly funded early child development ECD programs, we have designed and supported a 5 year, $50 million national project to strengthen family engagement in ECD, and have launched the Urban Strategies Family & Child Academy, a partnership with local community and faith-based organizations to provide quality, comprehensive programming to low income children and their families.   Furthermore, through the Academy we are sharing our nationally recognized expertise with the ECD community at large through trainings and other professional development seminars and workshops.


Family Child Academy Employment Opportunities:


Positions will remain posted and open beyond the listed deadline until the position is filled.