Because communities face many needs, Urban Strategies’ work touches on a wide range of issues ranging from housing, economic development, child care, youth and families, education, mentoring, and volunteerism. In these efforts, we serve in a variety of capacities depending on the needs and strengths of each of our community partners. Specifically, we provide services in the following ways:


Training and Technical Assistance

When agencies recognize the need for increased capacity, they turn to Urban Strategies for help. We provide relevant guidance to start-up and seasoned organizations alike. Our approach transcends basic information dissemination by assessing organizations’ capacity needs; tailoring presentations and materials; assembling expert training teams; coaching and mentoring organizational leaders and staff; and equipping organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools that will help them thrive


Program Design and Monitoring

Urban Strategies has a long track record of developing and implementing strong and accountable programs that have exceeded expectations in serving communities in need. We work in partnership with grassroots organizations to ensure our efforts are part of a comprehensive strategy to leverage the existing investments, relationships, and assets of community and faith-based organizations.


  Early Education Initiatives

Urban Strategies has an extensive and multi-faceted history in supporting work that serves low-income children and their families. Our philosophy is based on two key beliefs: all children deserve the best opportunities to reach their greatest potential and, because families are children’s first and most important teachers, advocates, and nurturers, family engagement must be a central to promoting every child’s healthy intellectual, physical, and social-emotional development.


Strategic Communication

Urban Strategies is uniquely skilled in the development and implementation of strategic communications, engagement, and outreach plans for culturally specific audiences.


Meeting Planning and Logistics

We bring local and national event planning expertise spanning small meetings to large multi-day events.