Demonstrated History

Urban Strategies has assisted more than 100 organizations with an average budget of less than $500,000 through intentional, goals-driven consultation to improve, expand, and enhance efforts. More than 50,000 individuals and families in need are being served in their community through a range of services, from learning life-skills training to obtain and maintaining employment, to the development of marriage strengthening and parenting skills.

Urban Strategies has the privilege of serving in a space that allows it to leverage its experience and understanding of low-income communities, faith-based organizations, best-practice transformational strategies, and accessing federal resources to generate results. Embedded in this experience and understanding are trusted relationships built over decades.


Our Focus

Urban Strategies’ work focuses on tooling and connecting the efforts of highly-effective, volunteer driven community-serving organizations that are committed to transformation by:

  • Providing assistance in accessing financial resources
  • Providing expertise on program delivery strategies that will enhance the work of effective community-serving organization
  • Supporting organizations that are present in the communities they serve


Profile Of Grass-Root Organizations

The organizations that are the focal point of Urban Strategies’ work fit the following description:

Led by individual(s) that are willing to learn
Led by individual(s) willing to partner with others
Organization has credibility within the community being served
Organization invests themselves first before asking others to invest
The organization’s efforts are highly leveraged with volunteers


Our Clients and Partners

Urban Strategies works with organizations that share our commitment to strengthening, supporting and connecting community-serving, faith-based organizations. We work in relationship with ministries, foundations, urban communities, grassroots groups, governmental agencies, and quasi-governmental organizations. We serve clients who work in low-income communities, providing social services in a variety of program areas: at-risk youth, adjudicated youth, supporting healthy marriages, mentoring, workforce development, and community development among many others.