The FuturoNow Family Strengthening Initiative is driven by the desire to give children the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

Our holistic model focuses on long-term development through collaborating with local partners, mobilizing the church, and investing in communities. We have focused on Latin American communities and immigrants for more than a decade. Consider joining us by investing in immigrant children and youth.


Fatherhood Project

The Start

On October 3, 2011, TELACU was granted a four-year ($799,999) Responsible Fatherhood grant from the Administration of Children and Families to implement an integrated array of services in partnership with five Community and Faith-Based Organizations (CFBOs).

Annual Participation

At least 225 Fathers annually participate in 24/7 Dad small groups offered in an experiential peer-to-peer supportive environment. Additionally, the fathers have an opportunity to take 8-16 hours of Love Notes relationship-enhancement classes and 8-hours of Money Smarts financial management classes depending on the Family Advocates recommendations.

Economic Stability

Lastly, fathers will have the opportunity to access economic stability activities including job preparedness classes, an array of certification classes (e.g., OSHA, solar panel installation, Fork-lift, CPR), job training institutes (in either office careers, medical careers, or construction); and transitional jobs through a landscaping social enterprise.   Unemployed fathers following these programs can take join the local FuturoNow Job Club that support them in locating part/full time employment.


During the first year in-take process, our participants self reported that 68% were unemployed. Upon completion of the program, this number was reduced by half with 59% reporting they were now employed.  In addition, the following results emerged from the program:

  • 847 Fathers completed 24-hours of parenting classes
  • 634 Fathers completed 8-hours of relationship enhancement classes
  • 469 Fathers completed 8-hours of financial management classes
  • 261 Fathers completed a vocational certification program and/or a transitional job.

Family Strengthening Initiative (FSI)

The Start

Through a five-year Healthy Marriage Initiative grant ($1.1 million per year) from the Administration of Children and Families (ACF), FuturoNow FSI provided educational programs to 25,000 low-income Hispanic couples, youth and individuals in the four county area of Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties.

Interpersonal Skills

Men and women are taught a variety of interpersonal skills including conflict resolution, goal setting and effective communication. Teenagers are taught how to look beyond casual dating to find compatible partners who will help build solid, respectful relationships.

FSI was designed to:

  • help low-income Hispanics access healthy relationship and marriage supports
  • develop new, culturally-appropriate resources to help individuals prepare for, build, restore and maintain healthy relationship
  • reduce barriers that keep individuals from using new and existing services
  • develop effective methods for diverse organizations to work together in a culturally-competent and effective manner
  • provide young adults with the tools and knowledge to make informed decisions about relationships
  • teach youth and adults how to identify and address unhealthy relationships.


These objectives were accomplished in partnership with over twenty local Community and Faith Based organizations throughout the four counties who were trained to outreach and engage community members to attend the classes.

In 2010, FuturoNow commissioned researchers to evaluate the impact of these programs which produced a seventy-page research report of findings. The evaluation methods included pre and post survey data; in-depth interviews; and focus groups. The results showed that program participants showed significant improvement in their communication, conflict resolution and parenting skills, while also increasing their sense of commitment in their relationships.


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Bienestar Central Florida

The Bienestar Program is a ministry in which we are blessed to have the opportunity to change thousands of lives in Central Florida where the Hispanic community is growing every single day. Behind the Bienestar Program there are passionate and trained professionals that want to bring this program to the families, churches and the community in Central Florida. Our goal is to have communities that live in wellness. Our approach is to create awareness of the importance of wellness focusing on mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

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Bienestar South Florida

We are excited for the opportunity to work with our South Florida Hispanic community! Bienestar’s goal is to improve the health of the community one family at a time by providing knowledge of about physical, mental and spiritual well being. It is our desire that every faith-based organization in South Florida will begin a Bienestar health initiative to work towards addressing the most important health needs of the families in their community.

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Bienestar Rio Grande Valley

Bienestar Rio Grande Valley consists of a network of faith based organizations dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing of the Hispanic community, including body, mind and spirit.

In working with the McAllen community, the following information was gathered.

McAllen Community Health Information

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Bienestar San Antonio

Are you a Faith based leader in San Antonio, Bexar county area and surrounding counties? Are you taking a stand and being proactive in your physical, mental and spiritual health? We want to partners with you!

Bienestar strives to bring awareness in regards to some critical components that deal with health for our leaders, churches and communities.

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Bienestar Northern Virginia

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