Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria and the earthquakes that shook Mexico City have left a trail of devastation. Urban Strategies recognizes that this effort will take coordinated and sustained efforts and thus is collaborating with multiple partners, including local churches, to ensure sustainability and maximize our impact. For this reason, Urban Strategies has started a relief fund for those interested in donating for these causes. Please go to for more information. For those in need of relief goods, please see the list of distribution sites below.

Florida Emergency Distribution Sites: Urban Strategies has worked with partners at World Vision, Discovery Church and Viva Church to set up a warehouse in Orlando, FL where donations are being collected for distribution. Individuals may visit any of the distribution locations to pick up personal goods (while supplies last). For more information on distribution locations, please contact Juan Salgado at    

Orlando Area

  1. Canaán - Defensores de la Fe, 2001 Westfall Drive, Orlando, FL
  2. Centro Cristiano de Restauración, 1600 N. Chickasaw Trail, Orlando, FL
  3. Iglesia de Dios M.I., 7215 Forest City Rd., Orlando, FL
  4. Iglesia de Dios Misionera, 5503 Hiawassee Road, Orlando, FL
  5. Iglesia La Primera, 2031 Simpson Road, Kissimmee, FL
  6. Viva Church, 653 E. Wetherbee Rd., Orlando, FL

Tampa Area

  1. Iglesia de Dios M.I., 5800 N. Church Ave. Tampa, FL
  2. Las Pisadas Del Maestro, 3400 74th Avenue North, Pinellas Park, FL 33781
To view distribution locations on a map, click here.

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HURRICANE IRMA: we have supported the delivery of basic needs to congregations in Imokalee, an area that was heavily hit by the hurricane and has a high number of migrant workers.

HURRICANE MARIA: Organizing partners around “La Bienvenida” in which we will set up distribution centers in Miami/Dade Counties and in Orlando to support the needs of families migrating from Puerto Rico. A ship of 3,800 evacuees is expected to arrive in South Florida in the coming week.

Contact Info

  • Juan Salgado

  • Bienestar Regional Director for Central Florida


We have facilitated the delivery of more than 15 trucks of diapers, mattresses, water, and food to four key church partners and a “newcomer” school located in Houston. More than 12,000 homes were flooded within a 2 mile radius of our partnering organizations. In addition, we are developing infrastructure for Withness and Work teams to join with local congregations in rebuilding the homes of families in nearby neighborhoods. Initial work has focused on developing tools and providing resources around mold remediation. In early November, work teams from Willow Creek Community Church and other congregations will begin joining the on-the ground work of rebuilding homes of those most in need.

Contact Info

  • Carla Lafayette

  • Director of Residential Services

Puerto Rico

RELIEF: Urban Strategies has asked our advocacy partners to help dislodge the bottleneck of containers of supplies in the capital to the communities most affected throughout the island. Together with our partners, we are working to secure flights from Florida to the island, housing for volunteers, and ground transportation (and fuel). 

SUPPORTING OUR PARTNERS: We have worked to restore communication with congregations and other on-the-ground partners that have had no access to any form of communication and where physical access has been hindered because of destruction. As a result, we have been able to connect Puerto Rican based professionals with our centers and are working to provide culturally and linguistically adapting mental health materials for dissemination.

Contact Info

  • Cristian Diaz

  • Program Manager

Bienestar Central Florida

The Bienestar Program is a ministry in which we are blessed to have the opportunity to change thousands of lives in Central Florida where the Hispanic community is growing every single day. Behind the Bienestar Program there are passionate and trained professionals that want to bring this program to the families, churches and the community in Central Florida. Our goal is to have communities that live in wellness. Our approach is to create awareness of the importance of wellness focusing on mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

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Bienestar South Florida

We are excited for the opportunity to work with our South Florida Hispanic community! Bienestar’s goal is to improve the health of the community one family at a time by providing knowledge of about physical, mental and spiritual well being. It is our desire that every faith-based organization in South Florida will begin a Bienestar health initiative to work towards addressing the most important health needs of the families in their community.

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Bienestar Rio Grande Valley

Bienestar Rio Grande Valley consists of a network of faith based organizations dedicated to improving the overall wellbeing of the Hispanic community, including body, mind and spirit.

In working with the McAllen community, the following information was gathered.

McAllen Community Health Information

Contact Info

Bienestar San Antonio

Are you a Faith based leader in San Antonio, Bexar county area and surrounding counties? Are you taking a stand and being proactive in your physical, mental and spiritual health? We want to partners with you!

Bienestar strives to bring awareness in regards to some critical components that deal with health for our leaders, churches and communities.

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Bienestar Northern Virginia

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